The brief

Designs come through my conversation with the client. We work together to distill the theme, connecting disparate elements. I come with an open mind and let the conversation take us there. I love being in the moment with them, and translating their visions into something concrete and beautiful.


I always want to come out at a point where we’re (metaphorically) high-fiving each other because it is all coming together.   

the design

I start with a colour scheme and a concept and place an order for any big-ticket items (where the plan is based around a particular variety). But 80% of my buying is spur of the moment, on the day.


It sounds cheesy, but the uniqueness of the client means the floral designs will always be unique. They’re who I work with in the beginning and who I forage for in the end, so the final design is a unique testament to our teamwork.  

the flowers

I choose seasonal flowers from local suppliers and growers at the Melbourne Flower Market. My favourite part is the little kick I get out of the serendipity of finding the perfect flower – or the perfect anything else.


I like to include some unusual, off-beat elements that accentuate the beauty of the more traditional flowers, and allow designs to take their shape stem by stem, without floral foam, in a free-form style of floristry.

The weddings

I work in a small team and we create arrangements for the bridal party, their family and friends, and the ceremony and reception spaces. I collaborate with relevant vendors to refine the details of the design and with the venues to confirm bump-in and -out logistics.


We often spend hours just on one installation, and take it down soon afterwards. But I like that the work is fleeting. The best thing about flowers is that they are ever-changing so, just by association, a space becomes unique. 

THE shoots

I've always worked in a creative studio and I get a buzz out of collaboration. Now my main collaborators are clients or fellow industry cats, and I love brainstorming floral designs to advertise or represent brands, or to push boundaries in floral artistry.


I constantly adapt whatever I'm looking at or thinking about into my work. It’s not just about the flowers, it’s about what contains and binds them. If those things don’t work, it’s not going to be as good as it could possibly be.

THE Steps

  1. Get in touch!
  2. We then meet in person or over video call.
  3. Once we've spoken, I'll send an itemised quote that outlines our floral design.
  4. If you're happy with the direction, a deposit will confirm your booking.
  5. We'll refine the details of the design in consultation with relevant vendors.
  6. In any case, the balance is payable two weeks before your event.